Amor Fati. Seeing the forest for both the trees and the forest

Maybe it’s the way it sounds in Latin that makes me love this idea as much as I do, but those two words are in my opinion, one of Nietzsche’s most powerful ideas.

Amor Fati- a love of one’s fate

The idea of loving your life is deceptively simple. At first glance it seems to speak solely to the human desire to gain as much pleasure as possible. To exist in a perpetual state of happiness where you can fully appreciate the world around you and your place in it. …

Introducing Arbora Technologies.

It’s always said that climate change will be the single largest problem in our lifetime- I would argue that it is the largest problem, not only of our lifetime, but of the lifetimes of those to come. We get one shot at reducing our carbon footprint, and at this point as I write in April 2020, we have roughly 10 years left to keep our world’s temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

After that point climate change becomes irreversible and our natural systems will become unbalanced. But in order to keep it below 1.5 …

Because let’s be real, you can only be a potato for so many weeks

At this point, most of us have been in quarantine or social distancing for about a month give or take. As a society we really aren’t used to having immense amounts of time on our hands, and so if I was to guess how the first few weeks of quarantine went for most people (just based on a hunch really, not experience or anything of course), I would say this:

Week 1: Massive amounts of confusion and uncertainty which translates to people wanting to have as much certainty as they can. Ie. Grocery shopping (without hoarding!), …

Virtual reality gaming (yes gaming) is leading the shift to telemedicine


A pair of assessing eyes track your every muscle movement as you repeat the action. The sound of a pen scribbling on a sheet of paper, and then- “….Again”.

It feels like you’ve been stuck doing the same stretch a million times, and it makes you wonder if any of these exercises are actually doing anything. …

It may not sound like it but, I promise, all of these are related

You’re walking in the park, casually swiping around on your phone, looking for the telltale rustling leaves, ignoring the alarming rate your data is draining at, and checking how many more steps you have before your egg finally hatches.


On your screen is what every Pokemon master dreams of. You’ve been looking for months, but finally, you’ve come across a Mew, only a few steps ahead of you. But suddenly you look up, and you make eye contact with the person across from you and you know that they too, see the Mew. …

For hundreds of years, the education system has largely remained the same, but that could all change.

Take a second and imagine this:

It’s biology class. You’re sitting at your desk, ready for the teacher to begin a new lesson. Perhaps you doodle a little sketch in your notebook or finish checking your phone for any new notifications. The teacher walks in and explains that today, the class will be exploring the different parts of the cell, they write the code for you to join the simulation on the board. You punch in the code and place your AR headset over your head and there you are. …

Hana Samad

12th grade student, Activator at The Knowledge Society and Co-Founder of EC Urban Acres. Currently redefining equitable resident focused community development.

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